Elephant Plasterboard - Bracing Systems

If Elephant Plasterboard Bracing Systems have been selected at design stage, it is important to note that these systems may not be substitutable by other plasterboard systems. All components, framing design, fixing layout and fasteners details must be strictly adhered to in order to ensure the performance of the systems originally specified.


To download our CAD details click the link below:


You can download the latest version of our full Bracing Systems Manual via the following link:

Elephant Plasterboard QuickBrace© Bracing Systems Manual (July 2015) 

For a quick summary of the Elephant QuickBrace© bracing systems, please refer to the following document:

Elephant Plasterboard QuickBrace© Guide (July 2015) 

For the Elephant Steel Stud Bracing Systems information, please refer to the following document:

Elephant Plasterboard Steel Stud Bracing Systems (July 2015) 

You can also request our publications to be posted to you.

Our publications are continuously being updated and superseded. It is important to ensure you have the latest versions.

Elephant Plasterboard QuickBrace© Software


Elephant QuickBrace© Software (XLSX format) (MS Excel 2007 and later)
Macro-Free master template (December version 2.0)

Elephant QuickBrace© Software (XLS format) (older than MS Excel 2007; compatible with OpenOffice Calc)
Macro-Free master template (December version 2.0)

Last updated: May 2018


Select from a comprehensive list of bracing systems to fulfill various applications

Design bracing using Bracing Units (Bu) or kilo Newtons (kN)

Source bracing demand from QuickBrace© First Principles , or use custom demands

Ensure safety and code compliance with handy tips and warnings at every step of the bracing design

NZS 3604:2011 compliant

And much more...

For assistance or queries, please feel free to contact us on 0800 ELEPHANT (353 742), or email us on info@elephantpb.co.nz